Thursday, November 27, 2008

Why Bibs Were Invented

Dear Charlotte,
Today you experienced your first Thanksgiving, and all of the exhausting effort involved in eating way too much and seeing practically everyone you know.
Mommy also woke you up late and accidentally packed your clean bibs for the trip today, so you ate your cereal in your white onesie. Soon after, you attended an emergency meeting of the bathtime club, and Mommy learned never to take bibs for granted again.
Mommy also cried today; you are staying at Gammie's house for three whole days and nights, and when we left you were crying in your pack n' play because it was noisy and you were exhausted, and all I wanted to do was snatch you up into my arms and take you away and hug you so close and breathe in your baby scent and tell you that everything was alright and that I would make it all better. But instead I swallowed my tears and kissed your downy head and whispered that I loved you more than anything in this world, and that everything would be alright.
Because I do, and because it will be. And 'cause even though I miss you already, and won't know what to do with my empty house and your mournful doggie for three days, I have that sweet baby scent locked in my memory. And until you're back snuggled in my arms, your Tuggie and I will be regrettably sleeping in late and missing our sweet little baby.
Goodnight, my angel.