Sunday, November 30, 2008

Chuck's First Week of Life (and Other Stories)

Dear Charlotte,
Mommy was so incredibly happy to see you today! It seems like you've been gone for longer than 3 days, and your neurons are definitely firing on all cylinders now! You've learned so many new skills just since I saw you last, it's hard to imagine what you'll be doing in a month at Christmas.

The photo above is your very first photo taken with Santa. Gammie took you to have your picture taken this weekend, and we were all so impressed when you weren't afraid of Santa one little bit! You have always been my social butterfly, from the day you were born.
In fact, when you were 8 days (mere days!!!) old, you attended your cousin Lilly's first birthday party. Aside from the birthday girl herself, I think you were the most popular person there! Not that you knew it, of course. You slept the entire time, waking up only long enough to have something to eat. Then it was right back to your favorite activity of the time.

I LOVE these pictures of you. It's hard to believe you've grown so much, so fast.

I love you.