Friday, December 19, 2008

Demon Tree

Dear Charlotte,

Mommy is sorry she hasn't written in several days. We've been held hostage by the tree above; to be fair, when I took that picture, it looked like a normal, cheery, naked Christmas tree, waiting for the decorating that would make it magical and cheery.

Little did I know it would turn out to be a pine-scented, scrooge-emulating, DEMON TREE!

Here's the long version:

Mommy and Daddy put the tree in its stand on Saturday, and on Monday night, after plenty of settling in and resting and temperature acclimating and such, we broke out the lights, ornaments, and glittery garland with which to be-deck our fabulous tree. You stayed up just long enough to witness the be-sparkling:

You LOVE the Tree: the texture, the sparkly bits, the great height, and the wonderment of the mystery. I think if you could sleep in the tree, or eat it, you definitely would do both. And the Tree seems to love you back, just like every. other. single. thing. you come in contact with.

So we settled in happily with our magical tree. And then Mommy took you to Walmart yesterday for some Christmas shopping, and the Tree was apparently so unhappy it couldn't go with you that it threw itself to the ground in protest. And it broke Daddy's new ornament in the process.

So now we're cleaning up Tree casualty, and we're admonishing the Tree to never do that again.

And Mommy's contemplating switching to a tree made out of gingerbread next year. Though finding a pan large enough may be a challenge.

Charlotte, when the herbacious species start to control the house, you know it's time to re-evaluate your leadership abilities.




Mamaw said...

I have told you for years, my darling daughter, that you are a gifted writer. I'm so glad you are keeping these prose for Charlotte - for all of us - to read and enjoy.

I love you.