Sunday, December 7, 2008

Popcorn is Best in Moderation (Or Not)

Dear Charlotte,

Last night we went to your Aunt Kindra's annual popcorn ball party. You had such a blast! You were there last year, of course, but you don't know it, as you were barely a multi-celled organism in Mommy's tummy at that point.

You got to see all of your cousins and aunts and uncles. When we were getting ready to leave, Aunt Kindra's mommy Barbie told us to plan on the same time next year for the party; that got Mommy to realize that next year, we will have three toddlers and a school-age child at the party with us (if not more children!). This year, we had two toddlers and two babies. Last year, it was a toddler and a baby.

This makes Mommy feel old.

Today, we are supposed to be working on Christmas decorations, but everyone is tired from the big hubbub last night, so Mommy is going to work on cleaning the poor neglected house, and then she is going to work on Christmas presents for everyone!

Hooray, Christmas!