Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Good Ship Wackiness

Chilling out, as always

Dear Charlotte,

Mommy, as usual, is behind. After our hodge-podgey, Hannukah-modeled Buddhist Christmas-mash holiday, I took the four days I had off for New Years and did absolutely nothing. As in slept. Woke up. Had food. Played. Slept more. Shopped a little. Basically, I modeled my days after yours.

I rather like your life. Except that it means nothing gets done. Including blogging.

So to catch you up, here is how Christmas and the New Year celebrations went at our house:



More Food

Play? Or Food? Or BOTH??

Definitely play


Mommy hopes you enjoyed the holiday wackiness as much as she did. And she is very, incredibly, truly unhappy at the prospect of leaving the wackiness and resuming boring work tomorrow. Because that means less time with you. And nobody, especially Mommy, wants that.

I love you Chuck.