Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Daddy. Camera. Naptime. Bad.

The First Sign of Trouble

Dear Charlotte,

, when you're not listening, I call you a little demon. I don't mean it to make you feel bad. In fact, the idea of you running around with little horns on your adorable head makes Mommy giggle, and that may just be your next Halloween costume.

But I digress. When I call you a little demon, it is usually after people tell me that you're the sweetest perfect angel. They don't believe me when I say you've got a nice little wild streak of attitude in you, and that the sweetness is just an act you use to recruit people to the Charlotte Ophelia Fan Club. They don't see it. You reserve that special little streak especially for Daddy and me, and while we're grateful that you love us enough to share that specialness, we're tired of people giving us funny looks cuz they think we're making up stories about you recruiting them to the Dark Side.

Stories no longer, Chuck. Someday I may use this photo for blackmail, but for now it's just evidence.

I love you, my sweet perfect little demon.