Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Dear Charlotte,

For the past few days, I have been trying to write a very special letter to you. You will understand more when you see it, but suffice to say it is probably going to be one of my very favorite posts on this blog.

The reason it hasn't appeared yet is because we tried to save money. We switched from cable TV to satellite TV because it would cost less, and costing less is a good thing when you're trying to get out of debt and save money to buy space of your own with windows in the kitchen for growing things and for silly sunbathing terrorist cats and a bathtub big enough for the tall people to not feel crunched up in and a big backyard for the crazy dog who hates rain but loves snow and always hogs the bed. So we switched, and I called the cable company to cancel our TV, except that they canceled our internet too, and now it will be awhile before they can send someone out to re-connect us. Which is okay, because now we're temporarily saving even more money, and we have plenty of stuff at home to keep us busy while the computer is on vacation anyway.

Except I can't blog without the internet. So I tried to hijack my work computer to do a little blogging, and every time I try to load more than one picture, the whole thing crashes and I have to start over.

I hate starting over. Unless it's in a video game or a brand new clean apartment with bare walls that I can paint.

So I'm going to patiently bide my time until our own personal internet comes back, and I will give you a tiny hint and post one fabulous picture that will hopefully tell you a little more about the blog I hope to post in the near future:

I think you're gonna like it.