Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Princess Frogtush's Bathtime (Vogue Edition)

Hippo Tastes Like Chicken

Dear Charlotte,

I love that you love bathtime. You come by that honestly, you know. Daddy might compare bathtime to being one carrot short of human soup, but you and I know better. Bathtime is a warm, joyous, splash-filled wonder! It's a festival of floating hippos and princess ducks! It's a post-Nakey Game extravaganza!

And it's the perfect excuse to lounge around in your hooded bathrobe.

I love you, Chuck. And your little frog tush too.




Amy said...


This is your Aunt Amy. Your mother is absolutely right when she basically says you are ridiculously fun at bathtime!! You get so excited and love the splashing -- it's a fabulous time! And let's face it, you look pretty darn cute in those bathtime photos. ;)

Enjoy the splashing!!

Love, Aunt Amy